South African Sail-Training for Life-Skills Association

“Assisting the healthy development of youth into mature adults, with sustainable, moral, life skills, in a troubled society, via the medium of sail training at sea”

Main Objectives
  • Promote and assist the provision of opportunities for training under sail to youth and adults to foster the development of life skills, constructive citizenship and the art of seamanship
  • Assist the campaign for a Tall Ship sailing under South African flag
  • Encourage collaborations between existing educational sail-training institutions across South Africa
  • Access information and resources from the international Tall Ship sail training community
Activities of SASLA
  • Facilitation of the participation of two South African youth teams in the international
  • Tall Ships’ Races in 2007 and 2008
  • Awareness raising and lobbying for a South African Tall Ship
  • Support to local sail training organizations
  • Liaison with Sail Training International and international Tall Ship operators
Join SASLA as a Member
Founding members are Cape Windjammers Education Trust and the South African Jewish Maritime League. SASLA invites sailing related educational institutions from across South Africa to join SASLA and to thereby strengthen the campaign for a South African Tall Ship.

Benefits for Members
  • Access to Tall Ship Sailing and partially subsidized tickets aboard international Tall Ships 
  • Access to further development opportunities for trainees over 18 years
  • Strengthen relationships with other sail training organizations, easier collaboration,
  • Sharing of resources and support through shared structure
  • Additional public profile through PR activities of SASLA and increased awareness for the benefits of sail training for life skills development
Year of Foundation
SASLA has been accepted as a member and National Sail-Training Organisation by Sail Training International in May 2008.

Contact Details
Chairman: Patrick Fraser, Ph: ++27 (0) 83 429 77 06, email: pfraser@iafrica.com 
Seretary: Dr Antje Nahnsen, Ph: ++ 27 (0) 832949495, email: info@sailtrainingsa.org