Friday, April 9, 2010

STI Youth Forum

In November last year STI held their annual conference. One of the major events was the launching of STI's international youth forum (IYF). South Africa was privileged to be invited as a founding member of this organisation, with Luke Gregor from Cape Windjammers Education Trust being the representative. 
At the conference the IYF drafted their mission statement:
The International Youth Forum aims to help Sail Training International fulfill its mission and meet its goals by bringing young people from the international sail training community together; working for youth by youth to provide fresh ideas for the future of sail training
Several Aims were established at the meeting, which are listed below:
  1. Engagement in the development of and a profile within the STI web site
  2. Collecting and posting NSTO youth activities on the site
  3. Collecting and posting exchange activities
  4. Establishing a real youth forum (a virtual place to meet and chat) and set up social networking media, facilitating exchange of programme ideas and activities.
  5. To organize and deliver two workshops for the Stavanger Conference in November
  6. To participate in a programme exit interview process, administered by NSTO youth leaders, the purpose, to assist in building a broad data base (sail trainees) and to offer insight into what youth are truly looking for in a sail training experience
  7. Representation on the Steering Committee charged with building Self-Assessment Tool Kits
  8. Building an IYF logo and designing a promotional T-Shirt for IYF led events
As the South African representative of STI's International Youth Forum I along with my fellow representatives  will aim to achieve these goals

Luke Gregor